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American Beauty (1999)Sam Mendes
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First piece in our new studio space #its #actually #just #the #garage #studiolyf
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Ted Godwin (Canadian, 1933-2013), Evening 2. Oil on canvas, 65 x 81 in.
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Roberto Ferri born 1978 is an Italian artist and painter from Taranto, Italy, who is deeply inspired by Baroque painters (Caravaggio in particular) and other old masters of Romanticism, the Academy, and Symbolism
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Healthly Eating Master Post

So i have decided that my presence on tumblr cannot omit the most major aspect of my life: eating disorders.

It has recently come to my attention that it is not just i who fucks up their eating habits and relationship with their body. You don’t have to have a diagnosed eating disorder to need to   So i want to share some helpful internet lessons and some general info on leading a healthy and happy life.

Before i begin some background info: this has been a long personal journey for myself. I have had eating disorders for half of my life time (I’m 21). I’ve resolved my eating problems through many years of self help and psychology. Your journey will no doubt be different. And I’m by no means a health professional but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from this post.

The Basics

Eating regularly is important.
Every 3-4 hours otherwise your body goes into starvation mode. I was always in disbelief of this mantra doctors would sell to me because i was in the mentality of the longer you go without food the less you will eat and therefore you will be skinny.

Magic things happen when you eat regularly:
your blood sugar level up and your body’s metabolism is maintained
You have enough energy for the day
Reduce the risk of extreme hunger and drive to eat high calorie food

Regular eating makes you structure your eating habits, so that eating can start become a normal part of your life again. Eating is not meant to be obsessive or destructive.

Everybody has a natural healthy weight 
When you eat normally (and I’ll get to what that actually is soon) you reach your healthy weight which is predisposed by your genetics. In society the media has made it seem completely normal to drop below your natural weight predisposition. When i was anorexia i didn’t believe that BMI actually meant anything because when i calculated it i would always be classed as extremely underweight. If you are eating regularly and normally underweight that is different issue. But the fact of the matter is you cannot be underweight and get away with it. Restricting your food puts your body into starvation mode which means at some point (maybe after a week, maybe after a year) you will binge on food. This is not a matter of will power because sure as hell if you can stop yourself or convince yourself you need to restrict your food in the first place already means you have ‘will power’. If i were drawing a flow chart from here the next stages would be:
binge eating disorder
a hybrid of eating disorders
or a unhealthy relationship with food.
The cycle begins when you are below your natural healthy weight:
Restrict food —> develop fixation on food —> Eventually binge or eat more than planned—> restrict food more to compensate for binge and or purge.

You are not meant to live your life hungry
Sometimes you may not be hungry at lunch because you had a big breakfast this doesn’t mean that don’t eat anything. Never wait to be hungry, and never skip meals. You have no excuse to skip meals. I’m serious. If your busy plan to eat, bring food and snacks with you. I work in a retail place where our breaks are sporadic and it’s very hard to sneak in snacks, however i worked out a plan that allows me to eat regularly still.

Jessica Sepel : This nutritional goddess can explain the importance of nourishing your body. Awesome recipes and info on ‘health foods’

Barbara, American Apparel model is a visionary of body positivity. When i found her on tumblr i completely turned around my hatred for my body.

Curveappeal Empowering, gorgeous women sharing their stories and fashion advice 

See a physiologist that specialises in eating disorders. NOT just any phych this can often be heartbreaking as they will try to help but do not take enough direct action.

ME.  Feel free to ask me anything. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. I’m obliviously not a qualified professional but have had various eating disorders and food/mind battles for a bit over 10 years.

Why this is important
When you are happy within yourself it is life changing. Your health is your life and the key to happiness. Isn’t that what we all want? Proritise your health and other factors into your life will fall into place. I know this from experience.

This article prompted me to write this post:

This is just scratching the surface of the whole eating disorder-body-concious-healthy living topic but it’s a start.

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shoe/pant goals tbh
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my evening in the water explorer
jenny andrews anderson
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